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1. DON’T have sex on the first date
2. Don’t dress too revealing leave some mystery about your body. Dress sexy yet elegant.
3. Don’t have on too much make up.
4. Act like a lady
5. Perfume is your best friend but don’t put on too much that it bothers the guy, he will end up sneezing.
6. Ladies put your phone on vibrate and not keep looking at your phone during the date. He will think you are not interested and there won’t be a second date.
7. Show you are interested by placing your hand gently on his arm and flirt with him. Laugh at his jokes even though the joke probably not funny.
8. Don’t talk about yourself too much that will show you are self centered.
9. If he ask you about your ex, tell him a little but don’t go into deep details.
10. If he ask you if you have children, answer truthfully and if he doesn’t wait until the second or third date to bring it up.
11. Don’t ask for anything ! You are not his girlfriend yet don’t go “ooooo I want that or that or this”
12.  Be honest with him
1. Don’t try to have sex on the first date
2. Be a gentlemen: Open doors for her, compliment her, pull out her chair
3. Treat her like a women ask her alot of thing about herself like whats her type and dislike
4. Don’t act like you already a couple because depends on how the date goes, she might not be into you
5. Offer to pay ! Men do NOT make the female pay. You can go half but do not make her pay the entire bill. She will think you is cheap.
6. Do not just talk about yourself the entire time
7. Do NOT force her to drink
8. Be honest with her
9. Do not take her to your mom house on the first date. She probably was already nervous but taking her to your mom will make her even more nervous especially on the first date.
10. Don’t ask her anything inappropriate questions
11. Do not be on your phone constantly put it on vibrate
12. Just be you
Depends on how the date went then you will end it with a kiss and a second date and later on down the line you will either have a new girlfriend or a new boyfriend.
If you have more advice on what a male and female should and shouldn’t do feel free to post comments. This has been Real Talk With Jay until next time everyone have a good day.