Big Win For The Lady Pirates Over Chipola

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Shauna Cook

The Corsair

Feb. 22 was a big win for the Lady Pirates against  the Chipola Lady Indians with a 82-69 win. The Featured Player for the Lady Pirates was #15 Jasmine Richardson. The starting line-ups for this game was #3 Brandy Broome, #5 Ronika Ransford, #15 Jasmine Richardson, #22 Kyana Jacobs, and #25 TeAndrea Smith for the Lady Pirates. For the Lady Indians it was #1 Jelleah Sidney, #14 Denaya Brazzle, #21 Kristine Brance, #32 O’Neal Session and #50 Jeniece Johnson.

In the first half, just 30 seconds into the game Lady Pirate TeAndrea Smith was hurt and taken out of the game but coming back in with 14:19 on the clock.  The Lady Pirates begin with the lead but the Lady Indians are soon to catch up tying the game 13-13 with 12:21 on the clock and then steal the lead from the Lady Pirates. The Lady Indians only managed to hold the lead til there was 6:48 left on the clock and the Lady Pirates came back in full effect taking the lead 37-28 at half-time.

Coming into the second half, Lady Pirate Brandy Broome hits a 3-pointer giving the Lady Pirates a 12 point lead (40-28). Broome was on fire this game with her 3-pointers making 5 three’s in the game. Lady Pirate Ronika Ransford was also on fire pulling in 15 points in the second half with only having 2 in the first half, giving her top scorer of the second half.

The Lady Pirates maintained focus and gave it their all to keep at least a six-point lead on the Lady Indians through-out the second half. By the end of the game they had a 13 point lead giving the Lady Pirates the victory.

Top scorers of the game for the Lady Pirates was TeAndrea Smith with 18 points, Brandy Broome and Ronika Ransford both with 17 points, Khadijah Ellison with 9 points and Darnisha Hamilton with 7 points. For the Lady Indians, Sara Djassi had 23 points, O’Neal Session had 16 points, and Jelleah Sidney had 7 points.

The next and final game of the season for the Lady Pirates will be Saturday, Feb. 25 against Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee. This game will determine which seed the Lady Pirates go into the State Championship with.