Last Second 3-Pointer Takes The Win From The Pirates On Sophomore Night

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Shauna Cook

The Corsair

 Feb. 22 was a loss for the Pirates on their Sophomore Night against Chipola losing by 3 at the last second of the game leaving the score 59-56. The Featured Player for the Pirates was #33 Tyree Smith. The starting line-ups for the game was #5 Antoine “Fresh” Myers, #10 Maurice “Mo” Whitely, #12 Jeff Mullahey, #32 Darren Goodson, and #33 Tyree Smith. For the Indians, #5 Trantell Knight, #22 Terel Hall, #23 Tevin Baskin, #24 Kruize Pinkins, and #42 Joesph Uchebo.

Mullahey scores a 3-pointer right away but the Indians managed to take the lead. The Pirates tied 13-13 with 9:16 on the clock but were left down by 1 at half-time 25-26.

In the second half, the Indians kept the lead but the Pirates managed to tie it 54-54 with 2:18 on the clock and take the lead 56-54 at 1:27. Indian, Trantell Kight tied 56-56 with 53.1 remaining on the clock, thinking that they’d go into overtime, 311 JT Thomas hits a 3 with 7.1 left on the clock giving the Indians the defeat over the Pirates.

Top scorers for the Pirates was Antione”Fresh” Myers with 14 points, Darren Goodson with 10 points, and both Jeff Mullahey and David Alexander both with 8 points. For the Indians, JT Thomas had 17 points and Jeoesph Uchebo, Jerel Scott, and Trantell Knight all had 8 points.

The Pirates still have a chance to make it to the State Championship going in as the third seed if they win against Tallahassee Community College on Saturday, Feb.25.

The Sophomores for Pensacola State that were recognized for Sophomore Night were; #5 Antione “Fresh” Myers from Baltimore, MD. #10 Maurice “Mo” Whitely from Miami Gardens, FL, #12 Jeff Mullahey from Pace, FL, #15 David Alexander from Pensacola, FL, #32 Darren Goodson, Jr. from Cincinnatti, OH and #33 Tyree Smith from Philadelphia, PA.