Board is given eight candidates for PJC President

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By Michael Rutschky

Published on February 13, 2008

The Board of Trustees met this morning and accepted a list of eight unranked potential candidates for PJC President presented by the chairman of PJC’s presidential screening committee, John O’Connor.  The list consists of Dr. Scott Elliot, Dr. Algie Gatewood, Dr. James Martin, Dr. Charles Meadows, Dr. Donetta Goodall, Dr. Lars Hafner, Dr. C.B. Rathburn and Dr. John R. Holdnak.  The members of the Board will now conduct the necessary research into each candidate before reconvening on Mar.11 to decide upon a list of candidates to interview for the position.  The Board’s list could include up to all eight names.


“We will decide on the number at that meeting, not setting a preset number at this point in time,” said Board of Trustees Chairman, Vincent Andry, “That’s something we’ll have to decide.”

During the period between the Board’s meetings their consultant, Dr. Jeff Hockaday, will be conducting professional background checks on each candidate.  Once a list of interviewees is decided upon the process will move forward with a series of public interviews with each candidate.  There will also be a chance for the public to interview the candidates in a series of public forums.

The list of eight was decided upon in a <b><u><a href=””>meeting the previous afternoon</b></u></a>, in which members of the presidential screening committee as well as representatives from the Student Government Association met to narrow down their list of 14 potential candidates.

The current PJC President, Dr. Tom Delaino, will be retiring from his position in May.  The Board hopes to have a confirmed replacement before that time.