Students pull weight in presidential screening committee

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By Ansley Zecckine

Published on February 13, 2008

PJC’s presidential screening committee gathered Thursday, Feb. 28 at 2 p.m. to narrow the list of 14 candidates down to only eight.

After the initial voting process, the list of candidates was narrowed to include: Dr. Scott Elliot, Dr. Algie Gatewood, Dr. James Martin, Dr. Charles Meadows, Dr. Edythe Abdullah, Dr. Donetta Goodall, Dr. Lars Hafner, and Dr. C.B. Rathburn.

However, following the initial vote, discussion was held to decide if any other candidates should be added to the list.

SGA representatives from the Milton and Pensacola campuses, Scott Crongeyer and Chris Randall, were two of the 21 members that attended the meeting. During the discussion time, they voiced their desire to see that Holdnak be included as one of the eight candidates.

Two other committee members were unaware that Dr. Holdnak was even being considered as a potential candidate, despite the fact that his name was at the bottom of the ballot. Apparently, his name was submitted as a potential candidate just before the deadline, and his information had not been sent out to the committee. As a result, committee members wanted to recast their votes.

The final voting process placed Holdnak on the list in place of Abdullah, proving that even students can have an equal, strong voice when it comes to PJC’s affairs.

According to Rhonda Likely, human resources support specialist, tomorrow at 8 a.m. an open meeting will be conducted with the Board of Trustees to decide upon the final list of four to five candidates.

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