Book Review: “Twilight” series is guilty pleasure

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Book Review: “Twilight” series is guilty pleasure

by Danielle Provau

The “Twilight” series is a guilty pleasure for adults. Readers love this series, but no one wants to actually admit it.

Author Stephanie Meyer has a knack for writing for teens.  She took an unobtrusive, average teenage girl and changed her life forever. She made sure that her main character Bella could easily be any girl. She then incorporated the one thing almost every girl looks for: eternal love.

At first, these books did not interest me because, honestly, I am not a teenager anymore. One of my younger co-workers was adamant that I have to give this book a try, however, so I borrowed her copy of Twilight promising not to let any harm befall upon it.

TwiBooks1I could barely put the book down. I finished “Twilight” in two days and I would have finished sooner, if I did not have everyday life and a newborn baby to contend with. I was fortunate that I had put off reading the book for so long because the other books in the series were already available.  What a relief it was to blow off work to go get the next book in the Twilight series!

I was fascinated by Bella. I was fascinated with Bella and Edward. I was fascinated with the whole thing. Here was this girl who had completely and utterly fallen in love with Edward. Not only was Edward rich, but a vampire. A vampire!

Meyer makes you a part of their love story, not trespassing upon it. Meyer knew that no true everlasting love was complete without mystery, deceit, struggles, despair, and of course another man looming. Jacob was who I rooted for. Well had I been younger, I would have said forget Bella; I want to be Jacob’s love.

Jacob was this good looking Native American werewolf. Yes, he too was a mythological creature brought into this series.  So it was vampires versus werewolves; Team Edward or Team Jacob. Archenemies until death, but Meyer had everyone playing as nice on the surface.

The response to the series has been unbelievable; the only way not to know about Twilight is to be on the dark side of the moon and I doubt even then that you would not know something of the series. The Twilight books have sold well over 100 million copies worldwide and been translated into more than 30 languages.

The books have also been turned into a very successful series of five movies.  The final installment, Breaking Dawn, Part 2, which made over 140 million dollars in the United States alone on its opening weekend, will be hosted by Pensacola State College Student Activities on Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. in the Student Center.

Come and indulge in your guilty pleasure…