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The Nobel Peace Prize is meaningless

by Paul Smith The Nobel Peace Prize was recently awarded to President Obama, which immediately sent the right-wing up in arms, bemoaning that the award was bestowed undeservedly. However, what Obama’s critics fail to realize is that the Nobel Peace Prize is largely a trivial empty gesture, one which has been given out many times...


How to Fight Collegiate Stressors

by Christopher Banks, paramedic and PJC nursing student Now with midterms behind us, rarely is there a sense of a downhill side to the semester. More often than not, the last half of the semester can feel as if a “final” boulder is being hurled wildly out of control down our mountain of books, notes,...


The Wizard of Oz celebrates 70th anniversary

by Wade Manns Back in 1900, L. Frank Baum released his timeless children’s masterpiece, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Over 100 years, many sequels, and many adaptations later, the 1939 movie version, simply called The Wizard of Oz, is still the most popular rendition of Baum’s classic. In September, that venerable movie celebrated its 70th...


Corporations are not people

by Paul Smith The collusion of big business and government has swelled to glutinous proportions in this country. Over $1 billion was spent on last year’s presidential elections alone, much of that money coming as campaign contributions from individuals with direct ties to corporations and special interest groups. Ever since the Tillman Act of 1907,...


Building the Maritime Park is a huge mistake

by Justin Otto I can’t help but wonder exactly what the people of Pensacola were thinking when they voted FOR the yet to be constructed monstrosity otherwise known as the Pensacola Maritime Park, which finally broke ground on Sept. 17. Rest assured, this park will end up being a grand affirmation that Pensacola isn’t just...


Acting for Dummies

by Madelain Tigano Momentum: it’s the ability to get up and just tackle the fear, leaving it at the door while embracing the ability to show the weaker side.  How many times will it take to overcome? When will I feel total comfort out in front and in the spot light? These are some of...