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Caution wet floor

Published: January 24, 2006 Water, tissue paper all over the floor, stains and smells are all things to expect from most of the PJC restrooms. However, there are a few who are able to somehow maintain a clean environment. Some examples are the music department (building 8), the art department (building 15), the business department...


Does Uncle Sam want YOU?

Rachel Strehlow Published: January 24, 2006 As people hear rumors about the war in Iraq on a daily basis, some of them worry that a draft is coming soon. Will college students be drafted? Will brothers and boyfriends and friends of yours soon be drafted if there aren’t enough volunteer soldiers to go to the...


WiIliam Clover and the Endowed Chair

Michael Rutschky Published: January 24, 2006 Schmoozing.  Did I spell that right?  The art of making your way around a room.  I’ve never been good at it but I’m better than I was.  It’s something you either pull off, or you just wind up walking around the room with that awkward feeling of being there,...


12th Annual multicultural job fair set for February

Leilani Alim Published: January 24, 2006 As a student, trying to find a job can quickly turn into an arduous task.  Trying to fit in the time to travel from employer to employer in between classes can become extremely hectic. Finding employment should not be that difficult. There is an easier way for students to...


The Importance of Art

Alyson Webb Published: January 24, 2006 As long as there have been humans, there has been art.  From ancient cave drawings to primitive written language, we have always been trying to connect to each other. Art is one of the best ways of expressing oneself and if you think you don’t like art or don’t...


So this is X-mas

Michael Rutschky Published: January 8, 2006 Here we are again.  Back from the break, a brand new school schedule to rush headfirst into like a medieval gauntlet run.  A brand new year filled with new resolutions, many of which sadly won’t make it to see New Year’s Eve 2007, but let’s hope that the important...


Let’s start some campus conversation

Published: January 8, 2006 Our world of journalism, as we know it, is changing.  Rapidly. Seemingly overnight, Gannett, parent company of the Pensacola News Journal, has moved to a 24/7 Information Center concept, blurring the division between print and online news.  The idea is to move information faster to consumers and in different mediums to...

Post poorly represents PJC’s excellence

Ricky Di Published: December 6, 2006 A school’s Web site is a valuable tool.  Like an ambassador to the public, it gives prospective students a quick glance as to how the institution is run. For some students, a Web site is the first thing about a school they see. With the steadily increasing importance the...


OUR VIEW: Corporate Claus comes to town

Published: December 6, 2006 ‘Tis the season to dish out copious amounts of money on presents for your loved ones.  Maybe we should just change the title of the holiday season to “give corporations your money season.”  Because isn’t that what we do each year?  The only true value on presents is how much they...


A conversation with the artists

Melissa Brown Published: December 6, 2006 The faculty of PJC’s Visual Arts department has an exhibition in the Anna Lamar Switzer Center through December 13.  At the exhibition reception, Managing Editor Melissa Brown sat down with several of the faculty artists to discuss the importance of the show and the meaning behind their work.