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Hope to Harvest

Ansley Zecckine – The Corsair There’s a certain masquerade of rules that people paint upon the faces of Christians; in fact, even some Christians make a habit of it. In their minds they believe that one must attend every church service, every Sunday school class, and participate in every church outing or function because that’s...


‘Climate-gate’ scandal is bogus

Paul Smith – The Corsair As the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark came to an end a few weeks ago with no real agreement reached between countries, many global-warming deniers back in the U.S. were claiming victory due to the recent so-called “Climate-gate” scandal. The scandal refers to an incident a couple...


PJC plans to drop ‘Junior’ from name

MADELAIN TIGANO The New Year could bring a new look for PJC as it considers a possible name change along with offering baccalaureate degrees this fall. “I have PJC penciled in a bill that is going through the Florida Senate,” Larry Bracken, executive director of government affairs, said. For PJC to offer baccalaureate degrees it...