Club Spotlight: The African-American Student Association

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Club Spotlight:  The African-American Student Association

By Jaylen Boyd

          The African -American Student Association(AASA) is part of a larger group. This organization is the Florida African-American Student Association (FAASA).
          The group often travels out to institutions where they meet with other regions and their colleges. The fall leadership institution is coming up and the group will be heading out.
          AASA encourages new members to come and experience AASA. These meetings are to teach students how to become great leaders and learn about the future.           There are many insightful seminars as well as plenty of group interaction to get to know about the people around you.
          Dr. Tonie Anderson-Steele is the Elder of the AASA organization. As Elder, she gives the students some reign over the organization and oversees the progress of the students.
          Often PSC will come together with other colleges in the Region–those being UWF and Chipola State. AASA is all about creating leaders for the future and the power is in the students and the activities they do for the community. The group is accepting to all.
          The organization is not only for those who are African-Americans. If a student is of different race, they are welcomed into the group. All that is asked is that you are active and will help push for progress. If you are down for the cause, then you will fit right in.
          AASA meetings are held in the Edward M. Chadbourne library every Monday at 3:00 p.m., room 2033.
          The club’s motto is “Show up and Show out!” which means that they always present their best.