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PSC’s Got Talent!
Lola Gutierrez-Cruez and Pete the Pirate perform a dance medley to open the 11-act variety show. Gutierrez-Cruz served as the hostess, weaving “Highlights”-style jokes and radio-style ads between acts. (Photo by Sarah Richards)

By Sarah Richards

Eleven contestants participated in PSC’s Got Talent!, sponsored by Student Activities and put on by the Assistant Coordinator of Student Engagement & Leadership, Jessi Brown.

Abigail Bott won first place for her rendition of “I’d Rather Be Me” (featured in the original Broadway cast of Mean Girls, sang by Barrett Wilbert Weed).  Bott received two free tickets to the VooDoo Fest.

Diamond Parker placed second for “I Have Nothing,” by Whitney Houston, and Kyle Muller placed third for his trio of magic acts, which encouraged audience participation.

The acts ranged from traditional baton twirling by Brianna Smith (choreographed to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” by the original Broadway cast of “Hairspray”) to the more avant garde, such as a monologue by Peyton Goodman, which involved giving another girl on a bench a pep talk on self-worth, Tyler Beacraft playing the drums with light-up sticks and a Spoken Word original poem by Samara Potter.

Amber Freeman, Brianna Smith, Tyler Beacraft, Sienna, Kyle Muller, Steven Abraham, Diamond Parker, Samara Potter, Misty Thompson, Peyton Goodman and Abigail Bott kept the audiences guessing with some of their acts. (Photo by Sarah Richards)

The event was held in the Ashmore Auditorium on October 5 at 7 p.m., with Lola Gutierrez-Cruz hosting, opening the 11-act show dancing with Pete the Pirate to the tune of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Gutierrez-Cruz told corny jokes between acts and served as the PSC community town crier to fill the mini-intermissions.