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Published: March 29, 2006

We rule.  Simple as that is; we rule.  We are the best thing on the face of the planet, and therefore deserve worshipping.  Best way to worship a newspaper staff?  Read their newspaper.

It provides head coverage from rain.  Hey, hey it’s a use!  And we live in Florida, also known as ‘monsoon land.’

It can be used to make paper airplanes during class.  We all have those classes that bore us out of our minds.  As you make your airplane, you can read the small sections that are still readable as you fold.

We have awesome things other than the print edition.  These include a killer website and a soon-to-be-released very awesome podcast!  We are the best, ever.

We stay here until god-awful hours of the morning to make sure you, oh beloved PJC students, can have a newspaper to read.  We, a mere staff of about 10, sacrifice our social lives to inform you of things you should know.  We also do this for measly minimum wage, working hours and hours more than THEY PAY US FOR!

Oh yes, and we rule.  We, here at the Corsair have the right to brag about our paper.  However, if you are not reading it, then it will take our enjoyment out of bragging.