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Dawn Baird

Published: March 29, 2006

Ursula Snood looked approvingly at her image in the full length mirror. She smiled, confident she was dressed to impress.

Legendary Lulu Lanagan, wardrobe power guru, says, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression when applying for a job.”

After Hurricane Katrina rolled through New Orleans in 2005, Snood fled to Pensacola, leaving behind a job she’d enjoyed for the last five years. Snood was sure her past work experience and visual presence would win her the receptionist position in the reputable law office of Oshipinti, Cop‚ and Sha’mez.

“I was flabbergasted when she walked in the door,” lawyer Yawnit Sha’mez said.

That was just the impression Snood had hoped to make with her confident entrance. She stood before Sha’mez dressed in thigh-high leather boots, fishnet stockings, and a tight snakeskin mini dress.

A recent report by the personal appearance enhancing firm Image Impact says, “The most important things you can do when applying for a job are use eye contact and body language to show interest.”

Miss Snood leaned forward in her chair as Sha’mez and Ira Cop‚ looked over her work history. Cop‚ looked up and said, “What did you do when you worked at Dr. Ghoul’s Voodoo Parlor?”

She snapped her gum, hoping to appear enthusiastic and energetic and replied, “I answered phones and greeted customers, and that’s why I feel I’ll make a great receptionist.”

Partner Skip Oshipinti agreed. “I think her wardrobe and personality will add excitement to the office,” he said, leering down her low-cut bodice, “I’m sure she’s perfectly capable of handling any situation that may arise.”