Heir of The Dog

Heir of The Dog

By Ty McLean

From being one of the first four restaurants on Palafox in 1977 to hurricanes, flooding, and remodeling in 2017, the Dog House has weathered decades to build a successful brand.

Nathan Holler, owner of the Dog House Deli on Palafox Street, took over as proprietor of the family owned restaurant in 2018. After many ups and downs, Holler likes to share his entrepreneurial wisdom with anyone who is hoping to build a business from the ground up.

Holler took up the business just after a year after hurricane Irma hit in 2017 and quickly learned “there are no shortcuts.” Holler believes owning a small business “is all about defining your success.”

Just before he took over the business, Holler recognized the restaurant was ready to make a transition and reinvent the business for today’s clientele.  Holler said, “It was a struggle trying to keep the spirit of my father’s restaurant while trying to be new.” 

Holler recognizes the need to be relevant to the Pensacola downtown district while seeking new customers.  Holler achieved this new look, and today the Dog House stands out with its updated décor and new menu.  

As Holler contemplates on his entrepreneurial spirit, he realizes the most important aspects of being and entrepreneur was to be “a great steward to what you’ve been given, to find your needs, and to never give up.” 

Holler wants students to realize when starting a new business they have to prepare thoroughly, must adapt to changing situations, and need to build the brand. He encourages those students who are willing to work hard to go for their dreams.  He believes they won’t be disappointed. 

Nathan Holler continues to honor his father’s restaurant by going above and far beyond to make his father proud. Holler provides Pensacola “a casual costal cuisine” to meet his customers’ wants.