HUMANS OF PSC: January 2018

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HUMANS OF PSC: January 2018

What is your current level of education at
Pensacola State College?

This is my first and last semester at PSC. I am a transfer from Faulkner State currently enrolled in mostly elective courses. I plan on attending a four-year university locally to continue my drive toward becoming a conservational officer or a traveling park ranger.

What is your favorite course?

My favorite subject is Earth Science. The teacher is awesome. She guided me to joining the Geology Club which has helped me to meet likeminded people.

What do you like best about PSC?

I enjoy meeting new people, and PSC has provided me with that opportunity


What is your current level of education at
Pensacola State College?

I just finished my LPN with plans on transitioning into Career Mobility Nursing in the fall of 2018. I hope to do travel nursing within the United States or possibly transition into social work.

What is your favorite class?

Currently, Latin is my favorite class because it’s challenging and helps me improve my self-discipline.

What appeals to you most about
Pensacola State College?

PSC is a small but diverse community which allows me to get to know my peers and become well acquainted with my professors, as well. Pensacola State allows me to be more than just another face in the crowd.


What is your current level of education
at Pensacola State?

This is my first year here. I delayed college to join the military. The Army helped me deal with overcoming personal adversities and this led to my eventual enrollment at PSC.

Where are you from originally?

I am Pensacola born and raised.

What do you think is that hardest part
about returning to college late in life?

The way things have changed with technology and the strong societal shift. No one talks to each other anymore.