Is it heritage, or hate?

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Is it heritage, or hate?


Since the end of the end of the Civil War the Confederate flag has been a symbol of controversy. Some say they are only displaying the pride in their southern heritage, while others see it as a symbol of hate and treason. I tend to agree with the latter of the two groups.

True it is a symbol of southern heritage; but is it a part of our heritage we should be proud of? I don’t see an openly racist region with no regard to the progress of a nation as something to be proud of.

It is true that prior to and even at the beginning of the Civil War slaves were used in the union states. It is also true that prior to the south seceding from the union that President Lincoln had no intention on ending slavery. He simply wanted to prohibit this inhumane practice in the new territories.

Considering the Civil War ended almost 150 years ago with the Confederate States on the losing end: Why is the Confederate flag still flying? I am perfectly aware that people are within their first amendment rights by displaying it. Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean you should.

The debate over what the flag stands for is a simple matter of perception. The majority of those flying the flag perceive it to be a symbol for southern pride and those more informed and intellectual people see it as a symbol of southern shame.

I would bet money that most of those flying this rag harbor some if not all of the racist views of their southern forefathers. They will tell you and me it is a display of their heritage, but they really use it to not so subtly mask their racist feelings. The klu – klux – klan use the flag as one of their symbols. Enough said.

The fact is this hate symbol flew over a group of states that wanted to preserve slavery and break away from the nation. These facts make it very hard to see it as anything but a racist rag. Anyone calling themselves a “proud American” has absolutely no justification for flying the stars and bars instead of the Stars and Stripes. This would be like a “proud Polish Jew” flying a Nazi flag.

You are either an American or a Confederate loving secessionist. Isn’t there enough hypocrisy in the world without “ya’ll” participating? President Obama had it right when he said the flags proper place was in a museum.

I am a proud southerner from right here in Pensacola, but the Confederate flag represents a part of my heritage I am not proud of. I know the flag will still be displayed. I only ask that you who display it have a reason why when I ask. It is a part of your heritage that many hate.

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