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Pensacola State’s Warrington campus SGA hosted a Q and A lunch with Dr. Meadows today. Before taking student and faculty questions Dr. Meadows revealed plans for a $2.5 million renovation project at Pensacola State’s West Pensacola campus. The project will involve removing mildew stains from the buildings’ exterior along with replacing rusty interior items.

Dr. Meadows also briefly mentioned the $8.5 million grant the college recieved this month. He made it clear that the money would extend to all healthcare education programs to include veterinary tech and massage therapist. All eligible students will have to apply for any grant money.

The new fitness center at the Warrington campus will hopefully be open to all students in the spring term. As of now students must be enrolled in the life fitness course to take advantage of the facilities. Dr. Meadows will require any students wanting to use the facility in the spring to take a familiarization course due to possible injuries.

When asked about the increased presence of Public Safety Officers and a decrease in Police on campus, Dr. Meadows expressed a desire to increase some type of security presence on campus. He followed by saying that he is not prepared to say that the PSO’s are going to replace the campus police, but implied that it is an option. Dr. Meadows also spoke of making campus security armed with less than lethal weapons such as tasers as opposed to firearms.

Dr. Meadows addressed the question of expansion on the small, wetlands surrounded campus by saying they have identified five possible building sites. This he said would fall into the colleges five year plan. He also stated that the days of flat parking lots are over for Pensacola State. He expressed the need for multi-level parking garages for all campuses.

Dr. Meadows has big plans for a small campus. These plans will definately benefit not only Warrington, but all present and future Pensacola State campuses. The Warrington students should thank their SGA and their events coordinator for the opportunity to express their concerns to the college President; not to mention the free salads.

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