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Over the last fall semester, Pensacola State College added a new feature to their website: the JobX Board, which would hope to introduce job-hungry students and alumni to local businesses hoping to hire responsible adults who are currently in the process of earning a higher education. 

The move is a refreshing step in the right direction as we continue to economically recover from the lockdowns and restrictions. 

But not all these jobs are simply jobs. According to a press conference held by PSC regarding the job board back in September, an unpaid internship with Alex Andrande, Florida District 2 Representative, was one of many jobs available at the very beginning of the board as it had just started. 

The school’s Business and Outreach coordinator, Jo McArthur, pointed out in the press conference how wonderful such an opportunity would be for a student. 

As far as actual jobs to help pay the rent, there are a wide variety of jobs to choose from on JobX that would go hand-in-hand with a student’s degree. From childcare to culinary arts, to wedding planners and mechanics, students have much to choose from when fulfilling their bread-winning needs. 

The website is a little clunky and can be difficult to navigate, but if one has ever witnessed a website in the 90’s, it shouldn’t be anything the average person can’t handle and it’s probably not the worst they’ve ever seen, either. 

Despite the design of the website, it’s functional enough. 

Students can log in using their school account, apply to multiple jobs with a single resume, and rather than add more emails they won’t read to their piratemail, they can use Jobmail to keep an eye on their applications through the school’s board. 

If there is a PSC student looking for a job, the JobX board should very well be one of the first places they begin their search.