Langham signs with UWF

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Langham signs with UWF

Allyson Doty 

The Corsair 

PSC basketball player, Kent Langham, signed with UWF Wednesday. ( Danica Spears/ The Corsair)

From baseball to basketball, Kent Langham spent his Wednesday afternoon sealing his college basketball career with the University of West Florida.

After being scouted by Pensacola State College’s head basketball coach, Pete Pena, Langham’s senior year at Robertsdale High School was added to PSC’s basketball roster where he has been a part of 32 wins and counting.

“I think back to being at the AAU Tournament in Orlando,” Pena preached to the crowd, “There were a lot of people on that court, and that’s the day I fell in love with this kid.

I became obsessed and I knew I had to have him on my team.”

Pena was exceptionally thrilled to see one of his most talented and liked players sign with a division 2 athletic program.

“College is hard to pay for these days, I don’t get any grants or anything like that,” Kent shared after he signed with UWF, “It would be extremely hard for me to take out loans, so it has truly been a blessing to have the opportunity to play basketball and have my education for free.”

Langham, majoring in education, will finish out this season at PSC and will begin training at UWF with full tuition to continue his schooling.

Not only does he have his coach’s approval, but, his teammates are proud of him as well.

“I’m really excited for him. I hope he can get over to UWF and do some great things, and just continue to be successful,” added PSC teammate and forward Milton Geddes.

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