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Tabatha Fields

The Corsair

Pensacola State College will be sponsoring the third annual Money Matters conference Monday, Dec. 3, at noon through Monday, Dec. 10.

The online conference is designed to teach students innovative ways about making money instead of losing money. Also, it will help students learn how to handle their finances as well as make wise and responsible financial decisions.

Kyle Schneider, a PSC computer science major said, “Anything that has to do with money we are going to help students get where they need to be, and to help them make money, save money, or spend money better.”

Schneider’s presentation on “How to Prevent You From Being Mugged” informed students how they were sliding deeper in debt without being aware of the consequences.

“Getting mugged is credit card scams, and anything that causes one to lose money,” said Schneider.

Dr. Jen Ehrhardt, a PSC associate communications professor, is very passionate about the conference. Her skills in public speaking and inter personal communication gave her the platform to inform students how to become more responsible about spending their money.

“Sustainability was where I started getting practice with seeing how students react to discussions based on what to do with money,” said Ehrhardt. “It really convinced me that this was a worthwhile theme because students don’t know enough about personal finances, and how their actions will affect them for the rest of their lives.”

From day one, she prepares students in her classes for the conference at the end of each semester.

The students researched and presented online presentations with topics like, How to Find a Car That is Right For You; Food Deserts: From Low income to Low Nutrition; Fast Food: Rapidly Depleting Health and Bank Accounts; A Poor Man’s Wealth: An Introspective Approach, and many others.

Hard work, determination and goals are what have made the Money Matters conferences a success.

Eleven different countries represented the Make Cents 2 conference last spring, and they have more than 200 likes on their Facebook page.

It is easy to get in debt, but it can be extremely hard to get out of it. It is essential to learn about the pros and cons of debt before it is too late.

Dan Haycraft, the speaker of the hour said, “Financial literacy is something we can all benefit from, and all of us can relate to.”

Online conference hours start at noon on Monday, Dec. 3, until noon on Monday, Dec.10, 2012.

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