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Lauren Mabrie

The Corsair

Any person who has been to college understands the financial strains it puts on a student’s wallet. Most restaurants and shops offer some type of discount to active military and senior citizens, but what about a college student discount?

Cari Thompson, student at Pensacola State, said, “Being a one income household, money is tight and using a discount when we can, even if it is only 5 percent off, adds up in the end. It just makes life a little bit easier when you are on a budget.”

College student discounts are few and far between in Pensacola.

In today’s economy it is hard for a college student to have a job, go to school, and pay for extra expenses such as food, so the student is always looking for a way to ease the pain on the wallet.

“I always use Airtran to fly back from California to Pensacola,” said Kelsey Atchley, distance learning PSC student. “You cannot beat a ticket price of $75.”

Many places around Pensacola State do not offer discounts to college students but the places that do are as follows:

• Silver Screen Theater- Always $4.50 for college students

• Tropical Touch Tanning Salon- 20 percent off all packages and lotions

• Charlotte Russe- 10% off non-sales merchandise

• CiCi’s Pizza- Buffet & drink is $.75 off and only the buffet is $.55 off

• Hi- Tech Car Wash- $2 off

• Stamitoles Dentistry- 15-20 percent off

Out of about 30 different stores and restaurants around the Pensacola State College Campus, those five places listed above are the only places that offer discounts to college students.

Students can also find different college discounts online for products such as Apple and Amazon but some may require a membership.

Powerhouse Gym says, “We do not offer a discounted gym membership but we will work with the student on waiving enrollment fees and cancellation fees due to leaving school or other circumstances.”

Many businesses do not advertise college student’s discounts but students should ask in order to receive a percentage off.

“I think it is a good idea for places to give student discounts because it is almost like a reward that we are bettering our lives and our futures,” Lauren Campbell, PSC student, said.


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