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Amber Burse

The Corsair

Everyone knows that the most stressful time of the semester is during midterms and finals. As test time approaches, students anxiously prepare for these all-important exams. Here are some tips from fellow students and faculty on how to survive this time of sweaty palms without suffering a meltdown:

Tip #1 comes from game design student Okevian McClain: “Keep old tests and try to do the problems. These old tests will give you great hints on what’s going to be on the midterm and final tests.”

Tip #2 comes from pre-pharmacy student Tuan-anh Ho: “Study two weeks before the test. This will help with retaining the information you need to know for the test instead of cramming the night before. And when studying, use the Internet and flashcards, and also take breaks.”

Tip #3 comes from math instructor Casey Williams: “Repetition is key. Doing questions over and over helps students get comfortable and have confidence in answering the questions without test anxiety. Go back over homework repeatedly, even if you get it. Do questions cold turkey and also get a study group.”

It is extremely important to keep up with coursework in class and avoid last-minute cramming if you want to do your best. recommends that students find a quiet spot where they can concentrate. They must ensure they do not lose focus on their study habits and get lost in general tasks in their day-to-day lives.

“Study at the library. Just get out of your space, go somewhere different. As you’ll probably agree, it’s a lot easier to goof off at home with your roommates and distractions,” the website states.

Another website,, suggests that students ask the teacher for help. It is better to ask a question than to stay silent and be in doubt when it comes up on the midterm or final exam.

While all of these tips are helpful, experts agree that the best advice is that students find what works best for them. Have a strategy and stick to it.