Netflix Review: “Hush”

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Netflix Review: “Hush”

By Arieann Pettway

“Hush” is a suspense/thriller movie directed by Mike Flanagan. Kate Siegel stars  as Maddie. The movie is what one would call a lesson learned movie. Trouble for Maddie starts one day when she’s home alone and notices picture messages from her own phone popping up on her computer.

Though the main character, Maddie, is deaf, she doesn’t let her attacker torture her for his game. Instead, she fights back by outsmarting her attacker and playing his game against him 100 times better while fighting for her life in the process. Instead, of letting her disability overcome her, she learns to live with her handicap and use it to her advantage.

As she searches her home, she quickly realizes that she is stuck in a house with a masked, psychopathic killer. It is up to Maddie to figure out whether she lets her disability stand in her way of fighting for her life or whether she puts it to good use to outsmart this uninvited guest. This movie is horrific, suspenseful and intriguing all at the same time.

This movie teaches a lesson: never underestimate anyone just because they have a disability. Much like how Maddie feels throughout the movie, “Hush” will make you feel hopeless at the beginning but fearless by the end. I would definitely rate this movie a 5 star film.