Pensacola State Names New Women’s Basketball Head Coach

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Adriana Dueck

The Corsair

On Monday Pensacola State College held a press conference announcing the new women’s basketball coach, Leah Drury.  After being assistant coach under Coach Chanda Rigby at Pensacola College and then working as an assistant coach at the University of Alabama, Drury will begin her first job as a head coach next week.

“It feels great to have people that believe in you and want you back here,” Drury said in her speech.  She went on to thank Dr. Ed Meadows and Bill Hamilton as well as the rest of the faculty at Pensacola State for the opportunity she had been given.  “Pensacola’s motto, you can get there from here, has shown true in so many facets.  You can find success in so many areas, both on and off of the court.  You [all] really stand by what you say, you can get there from here.”

In the press conference Drury excitedly shared her plans for the future of Pensacola State’s women’s basketball team on both the athletic and personal levels.

“When she told me why she accepted the job, she said she wanted to help young girls turn into young women,” Athletic Director, Bill Hamilton, said when introducing Drury to the audience.

“I’m ready to see these young ladies find success both on the court and in their personal lives,” Drury said.  “I know what it takes to try you’re hardest, even when the odds are against you.  I like it when people tell me ‘you can’t do it’; it motivates me to try even harder.”

“There are things that I’ve learned from all of the [great] coaches I’ve worked with that I’m going to take into this new experience,” Drury added.  “As long as you have confidence in yourself you can do it.  I’m excited and I’m ready to seize this opportunity.”