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PJC Police are patrolling the campus in a new and interesting way.  They purchased two Segways or personal commute vehicles, at the beginning of June, Officer James Wilbum said.

The Segways are used by police officers to help them maneuver easily around the campus.

The large knobby tires on the Segways allow the drivers to cross campus on the grass, go between the buildings, and even go inside the buildings.

The mobility of officers is increased and officers can help students find their way to different buildings.

The Segway breaks communication barriers between officers and students by allowing the officer to be more approachable than he would be in an automobile.

It is much easier to ask questions and get directions from an officer on a Segway than an officer in a car.

At first glance the Segway reminds people of the comedy movie “Mall Cop” and attracts a lot of attention.

“Because of the nature of the Segway, students have approached me and asked questions about how the Segway works,” Wilburn said.

The new Segways give students a positive contact with the campus police. “If an officer passes by on a Segway, stop us and check it out for yourself; we will be happy to show you how the new personal commute works,” Wilburn said.

The Segway even has flickering blue/red lights on it like a police car.  When the officer leans forward or backwards, the speed of the Segway is regulated. Turning right or left is regulated by moving the center handle grips.

The Segways are environmentally cleaner than gas burning automobiles. Wilburn said, “A fully charged battery lasts for over three hours of constant use.”

With gasoline prices climbing, a Segway is a more economical way to patrol the campus.