PoFolks: A Review

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by Spenser Garber

PoFolks is a restaurant that opened a few weeks ago at a new location on the corner of 9th Avenue and Creighton. It comes with plenty of parking, a generally welcoming atmosphere, and a couple things that make it stand out from other restaurants.

It is easy to make a comparison between PoFolks and Cracker Barrel. Both have a warm southern feeling and large amounts of food at a reasonable price.

The inside of PoFolks is an interesting one. The walls are painted with a calming blue coat and are covered in different southern items, giving it a rustic feeling. Country music plays over the speakers in the ceiling to give a little music so it doesn’t feel so quiet on the inside.

From what I’ve seen, PoFolks hasn’t had a problem with too little noise. Around lunch time every day, the place is packed with people.

As for the food, nothing really stood out as exceptional. The biscuit I got fell apart in my hands. The chicken was nothing to really cheer about, but it’s hard to complain about food when prices are so low.

The food did take about 45 minutes to be served to us, but that might have been because I was in a large group of people. The server was very nice and kept up with our table on a regular basis.

One thing that sets PoFolks apart from other restaurants is their idea of a “community table.” At these tables, customers that have never met each other can sit and have a good time meeting each other. It gives a nice sense of community and it’s a really good idea to bring people together.