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Volunteer Opportunities: Pensacola Art Museum
View of Pensacola Museum of Art from outside
View of Pensacola Museum of Art from outside

by Spenser Garber

The Pensacola Art Museum, located at 407 South Jefferson Street, is looking for volunteers to help them out year-round. They are looking for people to help assist at the front desk, aid teachers in the classroom, and provide museum event support.

The Museum was originally a jail built in 1906, and was converted into an art museum in 1954.

Exhibits change throughout the year, so there is always something new going on in the museum. The current major exhibit is Guild Hall: An Adventure in the Arts with paintings by Andy Warhol, Lee Krasner, and Jackson Pollock.

Chelsea Voss, the volunteer coordinator, says “Daily, a minimum of 4 [volunteers] are necessary. We look for volunteers every day except Monday. In the summers, when we have blockbusters, we will have 8-10 [volunteers] a day.”

The following are some testimonials from previous volunteers:

[Volunteering] is a great chance to experience culture, and the staff is full of amazing people.

The museum’s staff and environment make it a great place to volunteer.

I feel the time for volunteering is perfect and Chelsea is so nice to advise me of my time coming up and thanking me for volunteering.

The museum is looking for volunteers every Tuesday-Saturday from 9:45 to 5:00. Volunteers are also needed from 12:45-5:00 on Sunday. If you can’t volunteer for a full day, there are smaller shifts you can work also.

Volunteers are welcome to volunteer as often or little as they want. For more information on volunteering, you can contact Chelsea Voss at cvoss@pensacolamuseum.org or at 850-432-6247.

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