PSC pitcher drafted by Kansas City Royals

by Sebastian Gordon

During the summer, PSC pitcher Patrick Halligan (#35) was drafted in the thirteenth round to train and play with Kansas City’s baseball team, Kansas City Royals. Halligan is currently a twenty-one-year-old 6’6 sophomore at PSC. Throughout his baseball career, Halligan has been very successful.

In high school, Halligan played baseball for all four years. Before transferring to PSC, Halligan attended George Mason University for two years, where he continued to play baseball. Even though Halligan has signed the contract, he still plans to finish college at PSC and possibly attend the University of Pittsburgh.

On the PSC Pirates, Halligan has played in thirteen games and six conferences. Since Halligan joined the team, they have experienced eleven wins. Throughout his time playing for the Pirates, he has struck out one-hundred nine batters and pitched a total of eighty-one innings. 

Halligan’s fastball has been recorded as high as ninety-five mph. Pitching is not the only talent that Halligan has. He also has earned himself seventy-five hits and forty-two runs. 

Back in April 2021, Halligan earned the title of FCSAA Pitcher of the Week. He has had many successes in his career and has a long road ahead of him full of victories. 

“Baseball has been my passion, and playing professionally and getting to that level is something I’ve wanted to do,” states Halligan. Now that Halligan has started his professional journey, it is time to see what else he will achieve. 

Patrick Halligan, (#35), steps up to pitcher’s mound and is in motion to throw one of his strikes in the Panhandle Conference Championship.
Image provided by Hailey Lotz

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