Boost your happiness with Tiana Soto

The Pirates CARE team hosted a virtual session with educator, editor, speaker, and writer, Tiana Faye Soto on July 21st, 2021.

Jessica Johnson, the wellness case manager, introduced Tiana Soto as the second speaker of the summer series. The first speaker who kicked off the series was mental health counselor Adam-Jon Aparicio, and his session was about how to manage mental health within your community.

Tiana Soto hosted a session about boosting one’s happiness through experimental activities and positive psychology.

Jessica Johnson said, “Tiana works across mental health, media, and other end the arts in this, in the spirit of empowering others to live in alignment with the mind, body, and soul. Her work is heart-centered, service-driven, culturally informed, and rooted in empathy. “

The Pirates CARE team put this event on alongside the Gary Smith Campus Suicide Prevention Grant and Campus Speak.

“There is no formula that is going to give you happiness, and Instagram may tell you otherwise.”

The definition of positive psychology “is the scientific study of the strengths that allow individuals and communities to thrive,” said Soto. Positive psychology was introduced after World War II. Veterans from the war were trying to reenter society, start families, and return to some normalcy. It used to be a way of finding out what’s wrong with people and how to fix them; however, positive psychology today is about accepting who we are and optimal well-being. 

“There are  countless benefits, mental health-wise, of lessening depression, anxiety when we use these models,” she said. Lastly, positive psychology helps strengthen communities as a ripple effect. 

The second part of the session had attendees go over a model called PERMA. Each letter represents the five core elements of psychological well-being. Positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments. Soto said, “that this model only works if you are eating, drinking water, sleeping, moving your body in some way, and taking care of your basic needs.”

Guest speaker, Tianna Soto, introduces her session titled Boost Your Happiness as apart of the Pirates CARE summer series. She describes a model called PERMA to boost happiness within this session.
Image by Enrique Viveros

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