Repaint history: Art Club back in business

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Repaint history: Art Club back in business

By Sean Minton

Some students have an interest in art and major in it, but other non-major art students do not have the opportunity to experience and express their creative side. However, the Art Club provides time and an environment for anyone who wants to highlight their creative talents and take a break from reality.

The Art Club has been resurrected at PSC, once again, from the help of graphic design major, Daniela de Castro Sucre. She helped build the club back up after the organization was nonexistent for years, but it is not easy to pull a club out of the ground and expect it to function properly.

“A club is a machine that should work on its own, it shouldn’t be run as one person. Recruitment is a huge thing, you need to bring new members in and keep old ones interested. Once there is enough people involved and everybody is dedicated, interested and really wants to put their part, then it kind of runs on its own, and setting that up is difficult,” said Sucre.

Even though the process to start a club is difficult, the meaning behind the organization is important. “I think the art club is of huge value for all Pensacola State College students. Art is a way of communication and through that we can help each other out. We can get more involved with each other in Pensacola State College as a whole and in the community,” said Sucre.

“The purpose is to offer a space and a time for people with common interest directly related to art, and so we want to give students more chances to do what they love to do and to share it with others. You do not need to be an artist to join the art club, you can still enjoy it,” stated Sucre. “The only requirement to join is to be a PSC student.”

Sucre plans to use the club not only as an area to create art, but also for educational values. In future events, participants will have the pleasure of meeting PSC alumni and other speakers to talk about their journey as an artist after graduating. Students will also have the opportunity to sell their work in student art shows to expose them to the business life as an artist. This is a goal Sucre hopes to accomplish in the months to come.

“I think we can become one of the coolest clubs here on campus. We have a lot of members with great ideas on events that we can set up,” stated Sucre. Some events include a face painting booth at PSC’s Pirate Fest to help expose the club to other students.

While the club is set out on many goals it is still in the works of forming, but eventually the gears will slowly begin to turn, and it will be functioning like it once did many years ago.

“We invite everybody to join. We promise a good time and snacks of course, even if they are bad.” stated Sucre. “We are really excited to get this going and we look forward to the opportunities and the fun times it will bring us.”