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Jim Ellis

Published: March 24 2004

Off the cuffs of the Florida presidential primaries on March 9 the College Republican Club has been formed for students who would like to get involved in local, state and national government.

After three weeks, the club has more than 10 members and, according to founder Alicia Trawick, more students continue to show interest.

“The response has been overwhelming,” said Trawick, political science major.  “Many students aren’t familiar with political issues and we hope to educate them on different viewpoints.”

Trawick made the Republican Party her political home because she is a Christian and feels the ideologies of the Republican Party better promote family values.

According to Trawick, the only requirements for becoming a member are at least part time enrollment and an interest in the political process.

“We plan on working with local politicians like congressman Jeff Miller and helping their campaigns,” said Trawick.  “We also want to focus on independents who may be undecided.”

Michelle Haggard, club adviser and business instructor, says that since this is a presidential election year, many of the club activities will focus on voter registration and promoting the Republican Party candidates.

She says that other activities will include voter education and awareness. 

All members will get e-mails reminding them of community forums discussing political, social and environmental issues.

The club is networking with other Republican clubs at state universities including the University of Florida in Gainesville and Florida State University in Tallahassee.

Students interested in joining the Republican club can call Haggard at 484-2209.

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