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Kristen Bailey

Published: September 14, 2005

The PJC Student Ambassadors program provides a friendly and personalized way to represent the college.

The brainchild of Dennis Reynolds, coordinator of student leadership and activities, the program allows select students to welcome and orientate new students to PJC, and to represent the college at fundraisers and other foundation events.

Although accomplishing multiple functions, the Student Ambassador program primarily was created to accommodate the students themselves.

“Especially for students who have never been before, college can be really daunting,” Reynolds said. “The idea behind this  program is recruitment and retention, to have students who are picked to go out into the community, to go out on campus, give tours, someone who’s smiling and can answer questions.”

Student Ambassador Chris Ford enjoys his opportunities to make new students feel more at home.

“I meet and greet incoming students and help get them familiar with campus,” he said. “If they have any problems in general, I help them.”

In addition to greeting the students, the Student Ambassadors represent PJC at fund raising events for the college’s foundation.

“They do a lot of dinners where the student ambassadors come and they’re the   students who represent the college itself to possible donors. The donors like it, the students really appreciate it,” Reynolds said.

Being a student ambassador, Ford realizes the time and effort behind this position.

“You complete 80 hours of volunteer service with the school. Any event that the foundation has, I’m there,” Ford said. 

The program does seem to have its benefits as well.

“The students have more opportunities to get to know the administration and be a part of the school. It’s just an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the college and to share that with potential students,” Reynolds said.

Before being assigned to this position to help fellow students, prospective ambassadors must pass through an application process.

“You fill out the application and send it in to us and fill out a little essay telling us why you want to be a student ambassador. We ask for a    letter of recommendation as to why these students will   represent the school well,” Reynolds said. “You must have attended school for at least a year with a 2.5 GPA.”

Overall, the position of the Student Ambassador is one requiring friendliness and accommodation.

“I want to help my fellow students in any way I can,” Ford said. “(I want students to know that) you’re not just a number at PJC.  Everyone knows you here. Professors meet you one-on-one.”

As the program continues accommodating new students, Reynolds seems to be pleased with his creation thus far.

“This is our sixth year,” he said.  “It’s been a good experience. It’s a great  experience every time the  students go through it.”

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