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Michael Rutschky

Published: April 12, 2006

Every year faculty from the Visual Arts Department’s studio art courses receive submissions from their students of work to be presented in the annual student exhibition.  This year the department has decided on more than 270 works of art that will be honored and appreciated at this year’s show, which will run from April 3 until April 28.

The art represents the pinnacle of creativity and potential from students of drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, sculpture, jewelry, and pottery.  This year the department has also added a projector to play digital animation and slide shows of work from computer graphics courses.

Mark Francis, current department chair of the visual arts department, is quite proud of the work he sees displayed in the show.

“Each year we seem to top ourselves,” Francis said, “I think it’s continuously one of the strongest student shows I’ve seen.  I was a student here… but I’ve also been a student of Tallahassee and Savannah College of Art and Design, and consistently the work that’s being produced here is of the same caliber, if not stronger.”

This year the exhibit was organized by the new gallery director, Vivian Spencer.  Spencer filled the position upon retirement of former department chair, Allen Peterson.

“Any of these pieces could be taken to one of our local galleries and stand up to a juried exhibition,” Spencer said.

In addition to displaying the students’ work for the community, the show also is a means for the students to gain monetary support.  One way that this is done is when members of the community enjoy a particular piece enough to purchase it from the student.  In fact, on the opening day of this year’s show a piece had already been sold; it was Joanna James’ piece from her Sculpture I course.  Another way students are rewarded is by scholarships that are presented during the award ceremony, which will be held from 3-6 p.m. on April 21.

The greatest reward, however, is still to simply be recognized in the show.

“Anytime I get to put something up, that’s a good thing,” said Jason Pincard, who’s painting of Fidel Castro was added to the show.

“It was a good motivator,” Francis recalled of his own work being put into the student show years ago. “It was an honor to get in the show, and it was really nice to see my work among other mediums.”

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