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The next Tim Tebow is here

Tim Ajmani The Corsair My final line in the Tim Tebow article that I wrote last September referenced the fact that Tebow’s blown-up image of the “perfect” person created by the media would cause a certain backlash. I’d say now is a good time to revisit it. Tim Tebow crashed the NFL last season. Now,...


Tim’s reaction to Super Bowl XLVI

Tim Ajmani The Corsair Last summer, the NFL owners and NFLPA embarrassed themselves in arguments during the NFL lockout. In those four plus months of skepticism, many fans of the most popular sport in America wondered if there would even be season. Tonight, those same fans are applauding and jumping for joy. In stunning fashion,...


Tim’s NFL Picks – Super Bowl Sunday

Tim Ajmani The Corsair And then there were two… The 2011-2012 NFL season has given us many spectacular plays, games, and memories. But now the main event is finally here: Super Bowl Sunday. In what will probably be one of the most anticipated Super Bowl’s in quite some time, the New England Patriots will square...