Tim’s reaction to Super Bowl XLVI

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Tim Ajmani

The Corsair

Last summer, the NFL owners and NFLPA embarrassed themselves in arguments during the NFL lockout. In those four plus months of skepticism, many fans of the most popular sport in America wondered if there would even be season. Tonight, those same fans are applauding and jumping for joy. In stunning fashion, Super Bowl XLVI delivered a finale worthy of recognition as one of the greatest NFL games ever played, as the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17.

The game lived up to the tremendous hype placed upon it by Super Bowl XLII only four years ago, which also featured a Giants victory. The game featured clutch plays from each team, extreme momentum swings, and a phenomenal finish. Eli Manning was named the game’s Most Valuable Player. The loss dropped Tom Brady’s Super Bowl record to 3-2. The win for Manning vaulted him into Hall-of-Fame consideration and a place among the NFL’s elite quarterbacks.

In my relatively short time watching football, I would definitely rate this Super Bowl in my top 3 I’ve watched, amongst Super Bowl’s XLIII and XLII. The only bad thing about tonight? We have to wait seven months for the next NFL season.

Now what do I do with my Sundays?