Talented PSC students shine through Covid

by Nik Randall

The 3rd Annual PSC’s Got Talent Show was produced by Pensacola State College’s Office of Student Engagement and Leadership and provided an evening filled with entertainment for students, faculty, and other special guests in attendance for the exciting event on February 19. 

The talent show was hosted by Keyaundra Mobley, the President of the Student Government Association and a key staff member with the Office of Student Engagement, who effortlessly guided everyone through a fun-filled evening.

Eight talented PSC student contestants put on an amazing showcase that highlighted their hard work and dedication to their performances. 

The competitors included PSC students Audrie Carper, Tyler Hoskin, Sherrie Drisdell, Dana May Mateo, Julie & Mandy Davila, Daniel Cheer, Amber Holman, and returning champion Darius McCray-Sanford. 

The eight performances consisted of six singers, dancers, and a very witty comedy skit which all provided an entertaining showcase of original artwork. I felt the sound was very well managed in the auditorium, never feeling the impression of wanting more, and the artwork was very well displayed.

Mobley was quick to express her appreciation and jubilee from watching the contestants’ auditions and being an active member in organizing the event. 

Mobley said, “You should always go your own way because everyone’s path in life is different, and PSC’s Got Talent is the perfect vehicle for any student’s personal journey in self-discovery.” 

Director of Student Affairs Dr. Katie Hudon said,“Ally Roberts and Keyaundra Mobely are very positive and did a lot to get everything together. Great folks and great teamwork.” 

Hudon along with Andy Metzger, House Manager for PSC’s Ashmore Auditorium, emphasized that safety considerations and accommodations were well covered on-site regarding the state of the pandemic. 

Mobley said, “The talent show is great because it is another avenue for students exploring their future careers, and watching fellow students showcase their talents has been the greatest joy in helping put this event together.”

After watching the eight soulful acts, three elected judges announced the winners of the event. The Talent Show winner was Darius McCray-Sanford, who retained his first place title for the second year in a row with a stunning original dance choreography piece. The 2nd Runner Up went to Audrie Carper, who sang “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars, followed by 1st Runner Up Dana May Mateo, who sang “One Moment In Time” by Whitney Houston. 

Jonathan Gorum, a PSC sophomore  student, said, “Tonight’s show was amazing, and I can see why Darius won last year.”

An all PSC Staff initiative made the magic of the talent show possible, and to their credit, all attendee’s experienced a wonderful display in full bloom.