Togetherall service launches at PSC

by Sebastian Gordon

A new mental health service called Togetherall has been introduced to Pensacola State College (PSC). The service is free to all students and staff members of PSC and is available as of. PSC members can access the platform on several devices, including a phone, computer, or tablet.

Dr. Lynsey Listau, the director of student conduct at PSC, said “We want students to know that they are not alone and that they have a resource that is anonymous and available 24/7, so they can interact with others and share their story. “ 

There are various kinds of support including, anonymous posting, support from others sharing similar experiences, personalized online courses, articles, self-assessment tests, and mental health technique suggestions. 

With the Talkabout and Brick feature, users can rant or discuss various topics with others. Talkabout creates a discussion post, which users can personalize to everyone or just friends. Brick a way for users to express themselves through artwork and share their stories. Having this type of connection with others is essential, especially during these difficult times. 

There are many diverse self-help courses available to help users feel more in control of their emotional health. There is no time limit or deadline for the courses. They are there whenever users need to access them. 

The courses include; Improving Sleep, Managing Anger, Coping with Grief and Loss, Coping with Grief and Loss- Armed Forces, Assertiveness Training, Problem Solving, Stop Procrastinating, Managing PTSD, Balancing Your Thinking, Cut Down Your Drinking, Managing Depression and Low Mood, Managing Health Anxiety, Managing OCD, Managing Panic, Managing Phobias, Managing Self-harm, Managing Social Anxiety, Managing Stress and Worry, and Quit Smoking. 

Other resources such as journaling and goal setting are also accessible. These sources are great for personal development and self reflection. 

The platform is a great source of emotional support with numerous ways for PSC students and staff to help themselves by personalizing their experience to fit their specific needs. 

Dr.Listau said, “there has been a stigma around mental health, which has gotten better but sometimes it is still difficult to reach out.  This resource gives students a stepping stone to start receiving the support they need.”