The Benefits of Night Classes: Endless Parking and Romance

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Matt Foster

Published: september 28, 2005

Aside from the obvious benefits of furthering one’s education and being able to work a full time job in the daytime, night classes not only offer an easy alternative for a heavy schedule but they also have many other pleasing benefits most people won’t even consider when signing up.

High blood pressure getting you down? Do you want to wring the neck of the driver that got the last space in the parking lot? Take a night class just to marvel at what an empty PJC parking lot really looks like!


 If having a whole parking lot to yourself isn’t enough to grab your interest and lower the cost of blood pressure medication, you can check out the wild night life on the campuses…the night wildlife I mean. Rabbits, deer, and cats make their home on campus grounds.

 Just don’t try to feed the rabbits. They’re vicious.

The most appealing reason to the ladies, however, should be the endless possibilities in terms of romance.

 Picture if you will: An empty school parking lot. Two starry-eyed lovers gazing into each others eyes in the pale moonlight. A blanket of starry night rests in the sky while the glow of lights from PJC parking lamps and building walkways set the backdrop for a dance.

Is there really a better dance floor for romance?

 What about walking the campus grounds at night, arm in arm with that special someone, scoping out all the lighted architecture and sculptures, nowhere to go and no hurry to get there.

 Just watch out for those rabbits.

They’re vicious.