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Michael Rutschky

Published: April 12, 2006

During a meeting with PJC administration several weeks ago, the visual arts faculty was given a green light to upgrade the lab in room 1540 of the visual arts building.  The computers that comprise the lab now are more than five years old.  Spiros Zachos, computer graphics professor for the visual arts department, was in charge of relaying to the administration exactly what will be needed to bring the lab back to the cutting edge. 

“I just did about three days worth of specs,” Zachos said, “The paperwork is in, it’ll be reviewed and refined.  So, most likely we will receive the computers around May, and they will be installed and read to go by the beginning of the fall semester, 2006.”

Graphic design and digital multimedia students can look forward to a lab full of brand new Apple G5s like the ones that are found in the lab in room 1515, a lab that was refreshed a year-and-a-half ago under the direction of then department head, Allan Peterson.  The computers that will soon be added to room 1540 will be capable of running high end video-capturing software to facilitate the teaching of new course material, such as sequential art.

“There are 21 computers,” Zachos said, “and those 21 computers will be replaced with graphic stations which are probably competitive in pretty much the whole region.  Most professional environments will not have what we will have.”

The meeting itself was held to clarify the tasks and responsibilities of the people maintaining the technology of the visual arts department.  Previously the job was handled by Allan Peterson, but since his retirement in the beginning of the semester, it was necessary to sort out amongst the faculty who will handle what aspect of maintaining the computers. 

“As the department head, Allan Peterson was very good at taking care of things and making things happen,” Liz Gomez of Microcomputer Resources said, “So when Allan left the people that were there to take over were trying to get a handle on how it was supposed to happen so in the future all the right pieces could be put into place.”

In light of this new development it seems appropriate to praise the school for their support of the visual arts department, as well as the expeditious manner in which they have met the needs of the students. 

“It was a very positive, supportive move on the school’s behalf,” Zachos said, “It shows that they’re acknowledging that the art department has a lot of momentum.”

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