Zuzu acrobats dazzle audiences via Zoom

Direct from Dar Es Salaam’s outskirt suburbs in Tanzania, streamed live through the magic of Zoom, the famed Zuzu African Acrobats came to PSC. 

In celebration of Black History Month, the Pensacola State Black History/Multicultural Committee, February 19, presented the colorful spectacle of acrobatics, juggling, and dance. 

Dressed in lively green, yellow, and blue, their home country’s colors, the acrobats performed great feats of balance and skill. 

The performance consisted of several acts.

After having already ridden a unicycle, one performer proceeded to ride a nearly 12-foot tall unicycle, followed by a unicycle that left his feet barely an inch off the ground. 

Another twisted himself into pretzel-like shapes and knots, almost as though he, himself, was made of rubber or dough. 

“He doesn’t have bones!” said Crystal Duc.

Within the performance, a live band displayed a modern twist on some traditional-style African music  known the world over. Some traditional instruments, such as maracas and bongos, were used. Right alongside them, a modern keyboard replaced the traditional steel drum, and a modern bass guitar replaced the traditional kinada. 

However, not everything went smoothly. Midway through the performance, the live feed broke down, causing an inadvertent intermission. However, all effects were soon remedied, and it was on with the show.

A question-and-answer period followed the spectacle, allowing viewers to discover more about the dazzling exhibition. The Zuzu acrobats practiced the routine they exhibited for three-months before they began this series of performances, training/performing for seven years.