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Music Review: Sia – The Greatest

the_greatest_featuring_kendrick_lamar_official_single_cover_by_siaImage Courtesy of RCA Records

By Matthew Daniels

With her recent single, The Greatest, Sia throws the listener a thrilling beat and gives them the stamina that’s felt in the song. Alongside hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar, the lyrics keep the listener in a soothing but upbeat rhythm, allowing the chorus to add a roller-coaster effect. It keeps the listener pumped up and ready for more.By Matthew Daniels

The lyrics of the song are inspirational, bringing a story of determination that envelops those seeking it. Speaking of lyrics, Kendrick Lamar’s rap strengthens the story of determination while bringing the listener to its personal level. Add both of those concepts together and you get a beautiful song.

The singer is well-received for her reggae-rooted music and uses a xylophone to keep the listener in a tropical scenario. This works well, creating a solemn mood that brings together most of the songs. However, the xylophone in the background can at times distract from the uplifting instrumentals that clash with its somber tone. This however only happens when used alongside the other instruments.

The rest of the time it helps emphasize moments where the music requires these solemn sounds to develop in wherever the song drives. While the song is uplifting, the listener does have to remind themselves about the message behind each verse. With each rise, there must be a great mountain, and as every song of hope uplifts, the story behind it must be a hard point to draw from.

The song The Greatest gives a story to tell about what a person must triumph over to come back from these hard times. What this song meant for people has been shown to be included in relation to tragic events. This song was noted to come some time after the Orlando shooting at the LGBT nightclub, Pulse. What it means to us is to never forget and to keep looking upwards even the face of adversity. That makes the human triumph inspiration an unquestionable part of this song.